Egemen Bezci
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Egemen Bezci

研究領域 氣候變遷、比較政治、國際史、國際安全
最高學歷 英國諾丁漢大學政治學博士
研究室 社1008
電話 07-525-2000 分機5551


Dr. Bezci completed his PhD in the University of Nottingham funded by the Vice-Chancellor's Research Excellence Scholarship. After completing his PhD, he has worked in Stockholm University in Sweden, Massey University in New Zealand and the Organization of Security and Cooperation's Academy in Kyrgyzstan. Dr. Bezci has published more than 20 academic and popular articles examining international security affairs, including bylines in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, War on the Rocks, and Stanford University Press.

His current research is a comparative examination of climate change as a national security risk in Asia-Pacific with a focus on Taiwan and New Zealand. This research is under the auspices of the Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

The first phase of this research is a conceptual discussion on climate change and security nexus with a focus on how both Taiwan and New Zealand locate environmental threats in relation to their traditional security agenda. A comprehensive literature survey from both countries will form the foundation of the analysis. The second phase of this research analyzes the discourse of national security and whether climate change has been shifting towards the center of the national security priorities over the last decade. The degree of relevance will be assessed both through the exploitation of primary sources and semi-structured expert interviews. The target group of interviews will be politicians, bureaucrats, environmental activists, and academics. The primary sources and results of interviews will be corroborated to answer the research question. The last phase of this research is a conclusive debate to resonate with the wider academic literature on the non-traditional security issues to assess whether the relevance of the environmental issues as security threats has any correlation with national security culture, or rather a ramification of the international power structure. The anticipated outcome of this research is an academic article in comparative security politics dealing with Taiwan and New Zealand.


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  • PhD, Politics, University of Nottingham
  • MA, International Relations and Affairs, Istanbul University, Turkey
  • BA, International Relations and Affairs, Bilkent University